Real Estate March 30, 2014

Moving in 2014? Book Your Mover Soon!

2014 is quickly becoming a busier year than years in the past.  Even local moving will be affected this year.  As of 3/19, many of the 31 movers in the Moving Link collaboration had no room for new clients for the last 10 days of March.  It is about available capacity – or something you can relate to – Inventory!  I know you don't have houses to sell and it must be frustrating!  Imagine how your clients, who are stressed to the max, will feel when they wait to the last minute to look for a mover only to get shut out, stuck with an inferior mover, or pay an un-necessary premium.

In 1997, Moving Link was created to satisfy an unmet need in the moving industry from the customer's perspective.

People are always asking, How do I find a good Mover? Do I really need one? Can I trust what the representative tells me? How many estimates should I get? How do I compare the estimates? What kind of storage is right for my needs? What can I do to reduce the cost? What happens when I encounter a problem with the moving company?

Moving Link’s client volume, competitive estimating process, and no-cost, unbiased consulting provide leverage to secure the mover’s best crews, competitive pricing, and highest level of service to guarantee your moving success. Moving Link works for you– NOT the mover. Moving Link does not advertise – 100% of our revenues are generated from referrals. Moving Link unravels the mystery & solves your moving puzzle.

We are a “utility tool” for Real Estate Brokers and supply them and their clients with relevant information needed when planning a move.

Our Mobile App includes:

* Take a photo of your job and email it to us.

* Get rid of unwanted goods with our list of Charities

* We show you how to save money on your move. The more you do.. the move you save

* Tips – Moving Timeline, How to research Moving companies, Top 10 Moving Tips

* Moving Resources including – Pet Services, Rubbish Removal, Rental & Temporary Housing, Senior Services, Vehicle/Boat/Motorhome Transport and

Tips, resources, How to? and more!  Moving Link's FREE mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play – just type in "Moving Link".