Houseboats Seattle March 23, 2014

Seattle House Boats

Seattle is surrounded by beautiful mountains and expansive bodies of water. With that said, Seattle is home to a large number of house boats or "floating homes"; including the famed house boat featured in the move When Harry Met Sally.

Owning a floating home is a unique experience and is not suited for everyone. There are special expenses associated with floating homes but the payoff can be great. No lawn to mow and if traffic is at a standstill, just hop on your boat and head over to one of Seattle's great restaurants sitting on the shores of Lake Union, Lake Washington or Puget Sound.

Below is a video of a small floating home that Sandra made a few years ago.

If you are curious what house boats are currently for sale in Seattle, go HERE to see some fabulous properties floating around town. If you are in the market for a house boat, give us a call or text at 206-769-9577, we would be happy to provide you with an educational tour of these unique homes.

-Steve and Sandra