First Time Hme Buyers November 8, 2013

Millennials: Your Time Is Now

Our guest blogger today is Justin DeCesare.  Justin is the CEO of Middleton & Associates Real Estate and has some great advice for the Millennial generation in today's post.

There will likely be no other time in the lifespan of the Millennial generation that is filled with more opportunity than right now.

I understand that the preceding sentence may seem overly optimistic, but when we look at modern history, all generations flourished more in the decade following an economic downturn than any other.

This, coupled with exponential growth in technology, is currently paving the way for a wave of young entrepreneurs and successful business people unparalleled in our Millennial Timeline.

Generally, I write these blogs to help instill the importance of our generation to Real Estate Agents and Brokers, but today, my message is directly to you, the young Millennial Yourself.

If you have not already grasped the importance that the next five years are going to have on your life, do so today.

Get Pumped Up.

This isn’t high school anymore, and our teenage-angst should have been thrown by the wayside along with every other burdensome baggage we have carried along the way.

Prices are at their lowest, NOW

Economists around the country agree that housing prices have fallen to their true lows, corrected, and should now be back on track for the steady growth necessary to maintain a healthy market.

New housing inventory is minimal, and EVENTUALLY the government will be forced to curtail bond buying programs, and as monetary policy is contracted the price of borrowing will increase.

By far the greatest reason you have to buy a home NOW and not 2 years from now is that money is cheap… cheaper than it has ever been and cheaper than it will ever be.

Stop Renting!

Plus, when you are renting, you are throwing your money away in taxes, especially those single professionals who have no other write-offs.

I am a Millennial. I am 30. I bought my first home when I was 21 while I was enlisted in the Navy.  My mindset has changed over the last 10 years, but I can say this: Youthful optimism may be the best asset we have. At 21, fear of failing and needing to start over with kids’ college funds to worry about do not weigh as heavily as they will 10 years from now.

Your jobs are starting to come back. With every tepid job report comes the chance for new jobs to be found that pay in line with what you are worth.

Take advantage of this time and don’t look back in 25 years saying, “It really was the best opportunity of my life.”

This is your opportunity for freedom, your opportunity to own something that gives back, and doesn’t merely suck the value out of your debit card.

Are you ready to invest in your future? Let us help you find the investment  that works best for you. Give us a call, text or email today.

?-Steve and Sandra

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