Real Estate August 23, 2013

5 Funny Real Estate Listings

#5. Be a Doll and Buy This House:

Be a Doll and Buy This HouseThis may have only been the 5th most clicked, but it was one of my personal faves. Ellen DeGeneres even used it on her show recently (along with this one). The doll is in every photo of the listing, and her behavior gets increasingly bizarre as the tour progresses…


#4. In This Trophy Room, There Are No Winners:

trophy roomOkay, maybe not too funny if you’re an animal lover…and the other rooms aren’t much better.


#3. Home Staging on a Budget:

Home Staging on a BudgetI thought it was actually kind of sweet (if misguided) how the pair of vases “staged” every room of the house together and gave us the tour. I loved all your comments on this one.


#2. It’s Time to Fire Your Real Estate Agent When…

Good Reason to Fire Your AgentThis listing featured a series of bad, fuzzy, poorly lit photos, topped off by this fabulous one of the pleased-as-punch agent herself. I’m still not sure what she’s so happy about.


#1. Girls Not Included

The Palace bedroom with girls