Home Improvement February 2, 2013

Weekend Warrior: Prearing to Sell? First impressions are made at the front door

Prearing to Sell? First impressions are made at the front door

Have you ever been to a house where you had to skirt the gas meter or sidle around garbage cans to get to the front door? Or one where there was such a bewildering array of doors, you weren't sure which one to knock at?

The front entrance is seldom high on people's remodeling priorities. Yet, just like that old saw about first impressions, it's your home's entrance that people notice first. It's practically impossible to rectify a bad impression made at the front door.

Tract-home builders have known this for years; even in the cheapest house, they'll never cut corners on the front door. They know that a strong impression of quality here subtly colors a visitor's perception of the whole house.

For much of architectural history, front entrances have been a focal point of a home's design. In colonial New England, for example, the front door was often flanked by sidelights and topped by a pediment, setting it apart from an otherwise austere facade.

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